Covid-19 Action Plan for Jack Carter Chevrolet Buick GMC Corvette

We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain a healthy, safe and responsible environment for all. We are monitoring and implementing all recommendations made by the appropriate government health agencies. We have partnered with General Motors to participate in the GM Canada Clean Dealership Program.  We review our policies and procedures monthly to ensure continuous compliance with the terms and conditions of the GM Canada Clean Dealership Program.

We have a group Health & Safety officer whose role it is to ensure a safe & healthy environment based on best standards and practices at all of our dealerships.

Any staff member that exhibits symptoms while at work will be asked to immediately leave the workplace. Contact AHS or call 811 to discuss health concerns.

Dealership Common Areas.

At the service department, pre owned vehicle department and main showroom entrance we have a brief questionnaire asks some basic health questions. If you are unwell or experiencing flu like symptoms, you are asked to postpone your visit. Hand sanitizer is available throughout all areas of the dealership. Disposable gloves and masks are available upon request.

Our main reception desk has a plexi glass barrier to protect our receptionist. Vendors, suppliers and contractors are asked to sign in & out for contact tracing. We have indicators on the floor to direct visitors where to stand.

Frequent disinfecting of common touch points, including: Door handles, desk tops, telephones, point of sale materials, pens, debit/credit machines, t.v. remotes, chairs, table tops, water dispensers, coffee dispensers.  Re-useable cups are not permitted. Hand washing or sanitizing is encouraged before using the water or coffee dispenser.

Seating throughout the dealership has been spread out to allow for great distancing.

Magazines, brochures and toys have been removed from the customer lounge.

Washrooms are cleaned and disinfected several times per day.

Staffing levels have been reduced to accommodate physical distancing.

Sales department.

When dealing with the public, physical distancing requirements are respected. 2 meters or 6.5ft of distance is maintained. In the event this is not possible, non-surgical masks/face coverings will be worn.

Test drives: Clients are unaccompanied when test driving a vehicle. The vehicle is disinfected prior to the test drive. This includes: keys/fobs, steering wheel, door handles, turn indicators, mirrors, controls, touch screen, seat belts, etc. Upon return the vehicle is disinfected again.


Contract negotiations happen in offices where physical distancing can be respected. Pens are disinfected after each use. Desktops are disinfected multiple times throughout the day.

Trade in’s. Clients wishing to trade in or have their vehicles appraised will notice some changes in our process. The appraiser will: wear disposable gloves and disinfect any contact points prior to returning the keys and vehicle to the customer.

Financial Services: Discussions will happen in an area where privacy can be respected, in addition to physical distancing requirements. In the event that physical distancing cannot be achieved, we have plexi glass barriers and or non-surgical masks available when needed. Pens will be disinfected after each use. Desktops will be disinfected after every client. Seats and common touch points will be disinfected multiple times daily.  Debit/credit machines will be disinfected after each use.

Service Reception Area.

The service advisor kiosks in the drive through have signage on the floor to direct clients where to stand in order to maintain physical distancing.

Service advisors have plexi glass barriers for their protection.

Clients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

Seating in the service area is spread out to maintain physical distancing.

Debit/credit machines are disinfected after each use. Pens are disinfected after each use. Service advisors are to use proper hand hygiene and (PPE)prior to entering a customer’s vehicles. This includes: wearing gloves, installing steering wheel cover, installing a seat cover. Proper hand hygiene upon exiting the vehicle.  Keys/fobs and common touch points are to be disinfected prior to transferring to the appropriate service person.

Upon returning the clients vehicle to them, the following is to be complete. Keys/fobs, door handles, steering wheel, rear view mirror, seats, seatbelts, touch screens, turn indicators, gear shifts are to be disinfected, common touch points.


Parts Retail Counter.

A plexi glass barrier is located on the parts counter to protect our staff and clients alike. Indicators have been placed on the floor to direct patrons where to stand.  Clients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering. Debit/credit machines, pens and countertops are disinfected after each use. Touchless transactions are encouraged where possible. For example, clients can order parts online and have them delivered. Curbside pickup is available upon request.




Shuttle Service.

Only one person will be transported at a time, unless they are from the same family household.

Client(s) are to sit in the back seat, passenger side. The vehicle will be disinfected each time a customer is shuttled. Seatbelts, door handles, seats, assist handles will be given extra attention.

Multiple shuttles are available to reduce waiting time. Each shuttle operator has been trained in the best practices of cleaning and disinfecting the vehicles

Service Repair Bays.

Upon arriving at the dealership, our GM certified technicians will:

Change from personal clothing into their CLEAN work clothing/uniform

Observe proper hand hygiene/ hand washing protocol. Washing in warm soapy water for 20-30 seconds, rinse and dry hands. Use paper towel to open the washroom/change room door.

Our porters will disinfect all vehicle surfaces frequently touched by the customer including keys/fobs, door handles, steering wheel, gearshift, touch screen, accessories, trunk handle, plastic bags for tires prior to our technician commencing work on your vehicle

Observe proper hand hygiene/ hand washing protocol and don (PPE) disposable gloves before entering the client’s vehicle.

Wear disposable gloves when disinfecting and handling any common tools or equipment and dispose of them immediately.

At the end of their shift: Go immediately to the change room, remove work clothing and wash your hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Place work clothes into laundry hamper. Change into your personal clothes and wash your hands again prior to leaving the change room. Use a paper towel to open the door.


Shipping and Receiving.

Keep an arrival log of items received including the company name, delivery person, date and time.

Ensure that delivery personal observe physical distancing when on site.

Minimize interaction between staff and delivery personnel.

Wherever possible, arrange to have the incoming goods delivered without the delivery person entering the building.

When task is complete, wash your hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.  Disinfect common touch points. For example, the handle on a pallet jack. Steering wheel and gear shift on fork lift. Open/close buttons on over head doors.


Staff breakroom.

Where possible, have your break outside. Maintain physical distancing. Do NOT share lunches or utensils.

If you use the fridge or microwave, please observe proper hand hygiene/ hand washing protocol

Before and after you eat your lunch. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean.


In conclusion, we have a responsibility to our colleagues, customers, friends and family to do our very best to keep our store clean and safe. Should you see anything that you believe requires attention, please feel free to contact me directly.