The Importance of Auto Detailing

Everybody loves a clean and shiny car, but driving it off the lot when you first buy it doesn't have to be the only time you see your vehicle looking that good. It’s not just about looks either with a beneficial auto detail, this comprehensive service will improve the health of your vehicle, remove allergens, eliminate odours and prime it for a trade-in or resale. The importance of a quality auto detail can’t be understated, and your friends here at Jack Carter Chevrolet would love to outline the benefits of it for you. Follow along as we go over why an auto detail with us should be in your future.

A man is washing a car at self service car wash. High pressure vehicle washer machine sprays foam.

What is Auto Detailing?

Many people confuse “car wash” and “car detail,” often thinking they are the same thing and are interchangeable terms, but that's not the case, though. A car wash is primarily concerned with removing exterior dirt and grime off your vehicle that has accumulated, while a car detail is a lot more focused and comprehensive job that concerns the entire vehicle (both inside and out), focused on not only cleaning the vehicle but also may include, reconditioning, restoration and cosmetic work done as well. As you can see, auto detailing isn’t just about making your car look shiny and new, but also concerns its overall health so that it can serve you for years to come.

Young worker cleaning car dashboard.

Benefits of Auto Detailing

We’ve hinted at it above, but here we’ll outline in exact detail the many benefits that come with getting your vehicle detailed, from look to health.

  • Clean & fresh look: This is probably the one you’re most concerned with, and the one that others will immediately notice, having a clean and spot-free vehicle. Detailing will take off all of that pesky dirt and grime from the previous season and leave you with a showroom-ready vehicle.
  • Cut Down on Odours: While the look is what most people focus on with the detailing of their car, smell is something that is overlooked, and which detailing can help resolve. Cars are known to hold smells, even if you think you did a good job cleaning the culprit out. A good detail can help bring back that fresh car smell.
  • Maintain Air Quality: As much as we like to think of the inside of our vehicle as a little respite from the rest of the world, it’s not, and many allergens and pollutants can find themselves inside. Auto detailing can help freshen up your vehicle and ward off any unfortunate bacteria or inhabitants that may have found themselves in your vehicle.
  • Retain Quality for Resale: Nobody wants to buy a dirty car, and a clean car automatically makes a car that much more valuable. If you’re looking to sell your car now or in the near future, invest in an auto detail to ensure it’s looking its best and so that you can get the most available for it.

Get Auto Detailing at Jack Carter Chevrolet

Our professionals are here at Jack Carter to treat your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or off-make model right, with the best in auto detailing services across Calgary. Treat your vehicle, whether it’s just time or the season has changed and get it prepped for the road ahead. Our detailing technicians are fit with the latest tools and technology to expertly serve your vehicle with a fully-focused detail that will have it looking as good as new. Contact us, today, to learn more, or book now to schedule an appointment.