How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Spring in Alberta

As any Alberta resident can tell you, winter is no walk in the park—especially for your vehicle. Thankfully, we’ve got seven simple steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is ready for all that spring and summer have to offer. Read on to learn about how to get your vehicle ready for spring in Alberta, with Calgary’s very own Jack Carter Chevrolet GMC!

7 Steps To Get Your Ride Ready For Spring

Follow these seven easy steps, and you can get the most out of your vehicle for the warmer month:

  • Change your tires
  • Check your alignment
  • Inspect your brakes and brake pads
  • Check your suspension
  • Switch your wiper blades
  • Get an oil change
  • Clean your vehicle
Swap your tires

1. Change your tires

Winter tires are perfect for gripping onto the road when it’s cold and there’s a thick layer of snow or ice, but driving on those same winter tires year-round is a great way to wear down your treads—leading to less grip come the next winter. A swap to summer or all-season tires is a perfect way to get even better performance out of your vehicle come spring.

2. Check your alignment

A winter’s worth of uneven terrain and massive potholes are a pretty good way to mess up your vehicle’s wheel alignment. That can mean more road noise, vibrations while you drive, and uneven tire wear, not to mention a decrease in fuel efficiency. But a quick wheel alignment can help you avoid all of those pains.

Check your wheel alignment

3. Inspect your brakes and brake pads

Winter roads aren’t just slick, they’re covered in stuff like salt and sand that can get into your brake system and wreak havoc. Check your brakes and brake pads for any debris or contaminants that might cause premature wear and tear, and switch or clean them out.

4. Check your suspension

Much like your brakes are subject to dirt and debris causing problems, there are a number of exposed parts of your vehicle’s suspension that can also suffer from things found on the road. However, a quick check of your suspension, including the steering, linkage, and ball joints, can mean the difference between a smooth ride or a hefty repair bill.


5. Switch your wiper blades

Probably the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is ready for spring is to swap out the old wiper blades for a new set. Inexpensive, and easy to do, you’ll know your wiper blades are ready to be replaced when they begin to squeak or leave streaks on your windshield.

6. Get an oil change

Regular vehicle maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, along with retaining a greater resale value—and there’s no easier or better way to do this than to have your fluids checked and your oil changed regularly. The lifeblood of your vehicle, motor oil keeps everything lubricated so that you can get the most out of your ride.


7. Clean your vehicle

Another great way to maintain your vehicle and improve its resale value is to regularly clean it. By cleaning it, inside and out, you’re helping preserve things like the vehicle’s smell or paint job while avoiding things that can cause long term damage.

Your vehicle is an investment, so take care of it accordingly. Follow these seven simple steps to get your vehicle ready for spring, and you’ll extend the life of your vehicle substantially For any other questions about vehicle care and maintenance, simply swing by Calgary’s very own Jack Carter Chevrolet GMC!