Why is Your Vehicle Pulling to One Side?


If you’re noticing your vehicle drifting off a little to one side or the other when in motion it’s likely not your imagination. There are a few reasons why this might be happening. Luckily, most of these reasons are relatively common and can be prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance. If you suddenly feel your vehicle pulling to one side shortly after getting new tires, having your tires rotated, or your wheel alignment adjusted, you may have to get things checked out again. The certified service team at Jack Carter Chevrolet knows a thing or two about vehicle veering, so here are a few of the most common reasons it might be happening to you.

Your Wheel Alignment is Off

Your vehicle’s wheel alignment is crucial to a balanced and smooth drive but misalignment can cause all kinds of auxiliary problems such as uneven tire wear, a crooked steering wheel, and extra strain on your suspension—all of which can result in drifting. Always have your vehicle service provider check your wheel alignment when getting work done on your vehicle, especially if you frequently traverse uneven, off-road, or challenging terrain. Your seasonal tire change is a great opportunity to check your wheel alignment. 

A Braking, Steering, or Suspension Issue

If it’s not your alignment, it may be an issue with your braking, steering, or suspension system. Uneven wear on your brakes can cause your vehicle to pull to one side during braking as opposed to accelerating. This may be the result of a sticking calliper which may result in uneven brake use and therefore uneven brake pad wear. Any issue with your brake system should be addressed right away. 

Sometimes a mechanical or electrical issue can muddle your steering wheel, forcing you to adjust your steering in order to keep moving in a straight line. If your wheel bearings are damaged or worn out, you will feel your steering wheel shaking when you drive. Your suspension system can also be the underlying problem since these parts deteriorate over time and must be replaced. A suspension issue can cause any of the above problems. 

Your Tires Aren’t Up to Par

Tires are frequently overlooked when it comes to foundational vehicle maintenance and care. However, your tires are actually a key component of your vehicle’s health and a balanced ride. An issue with your tires can cause your vehicle to pull to one side over time. This may be due to uneven tire wear, improperly inflated tires, poorly manufactured tires (tire conicity), or installing mismatched tires can all be the culprits behind a drifting motion.

Though sometimes alarming at first, a vehicle pulling a little to the side is usually easily repaired, especially if you bring it to the team here at Jack Carter Chevrolet! Stop by or book an appointment with our certified service experts. Prevent future issues with your alignment, tires, or brake system and get the most out of your vehicle by scheduling routine maintenance services with us today. Don’t forget to check out our seasonal service and parts specials as well!