How to Survive if Your Car Breaks Down in the Winter?

A car's tire driving on snow

Survival Tips For a Winter Vehicle Breakdown

As winter approaches, there are many things you can do to get prepared for the cold temperatures and dangers that come with driving in it. Driving in the winter can be dangerous if you experience a vehicle breakdown, but if you’re ready for it and know what to do, you can stay safe until help arrives. Vehicle breakdowns are common if you have an older vehicle, and this can happen even if you are driving a newer model. You must always be prepared for a vehicle breakdown and know how to handle it if it happens to you, especially in the winter when road emergencies can be deadly in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about how you can survive if your car breaks down this winter.

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Top 5 Tips for Surviving a Vehicle Breakdown in the Winter

Here, we’ll discuss the most important tips for surviving a vehicle breakdown in the winter. Pay attention and learn what to do, so you’ll be prepared if it happens to you when driving your car this winter.

  1. Call for help. Call for help immediately after your vehicle breaks down.
  2. Do not leave your vehicle. This is the most important tip of them all and one that should not be broken. If your vehicle breaks down this winter, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE. The inside of your vehicle provides you with the safety you need to stay out of the elements, including cold temperatures and snowy conditions.
  3. Turn on your emergency flashers. By turning on your emergency flashers, you’ll be seen by other vehicles that pass by.
  4. Display a help sign in your window. You want to make your vehicle as noticeable as possible and alert other drivers to your emergency.
  5. Run the engine occasionally to stay warm. Before you start your engine to keep warm, be sure that your vehicle’s tailpipe is exposed so you don’t run the risk of carbon dioxide poisoning.

If you follow these five tips on how to survive if your vehicle breaks down in the winter, you’ll make it through the experience safely. To help avoid a vehicle breakdown this winter, contact the service department at Jack Carter Chev to schedule an appointment for service, so your vehicle is prepared and ready for the cold temperatures of winter.

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