Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Do you know why it used to be free to pump your vehicle’s tires, but now it costs money? Inflation. All jokes aside, inflation is a real thing and so is rising gas prices. While there’s just about nothing you can do to change the cost of fuel, you can make some small alterations to your driving habits in order to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Read on with Calgary’s Jack Carter Chev GMC to learn more about how you can improve fuel efficiency and save on gas!

5 Tips On How To Improve Fuel Efficiency

You probably wouldn’t own a car if you didn’t need to use it, so it’s not as simple as just not driving—though the less driving you can do, the more you’ll save on fuel. However, the following five tips are a bit more practical ways you can improve your fuel economy while still using your vehicle.

  1. The first, and possibly most important, thing to consider when it comes to your vehicle is keeping it properly maintained. Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is performing its very best. So whether it’s having your tires properly inflated, ensuring your wheel alignment is correct, or that all of your vehicle’s fluids are properly topped up, a properly maintained vehicle will provide you with better fuel economy.
  2. You wouldn’t drive around the city with your trailer if you didn’t need to, so why would you keep any extra weight in your vehicle? Reduce the weight of your vehicle by removing unnecessary items, since every 45 kg of additional weight in your vehicle can reduce your fuel economy numbers by up to 1%. 
  3. Driving fast might be more fun, but not only is it less safe, it’s also a drain on fuel. Drive slow, as your vehicle’s efficiency will begin to decrease when you’re going faster than 80 km/h.
  4. When you drive in a smooth, controlled manner you will ensure improved fuel economy. Stopping and starting is just something that we have to live with, especially in the city, but harsh braking and accelerating will do a number on your fuel economy—dropping it from 15 to 30% every trip you take. 
  5. While it may not be totally feasible within the city limits, using cruise control as often as possible is a great way to improve your fuel efficiency. Similar to points 3 and 4 above, using cruise control ensures that your vehicle maintains a constant speed, and more efficient performance as a result.

Modern vehicles are more efficient than ever; from intelligent cruise control features that work within traffic, to engines that automatically stop and start according to your driving, there are plenty of ways in which your new vehicle can offer improved fuel economy. However, there are also plenty of ways in which you can improve your fuel efficiency by how you’re driving. If you have any questions on the matter, or simply want to explore some of the more fuel efficient models from the Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC lineups, stop by Calgary’s Jack Carter Chev GMC today!