How Often Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

Your windshield wiper blades work hard (especially with the weather here in Alberta) and therefore accumulate a lot of damage over time. So, how much time do they have? That depends on a few factors. We’ve broken down exactly what can impact the lifespan of your wiper blades and what to know about replacing them.

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How Long Do Wiper Blades Usually Last?

Unfortunately, the criteria for measuring the lifespan of your windshield wipers varies greatly. Things like how much you use them, the climate/environment you live in, and the overall quality of the blades are all factors you must take into consideration. The general rule is to replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months. Let’s unpack the criteria so that you can judge for yourself. Remember, your wiper blades work hard and should be monitored regularly.

The Quality of Your Wiper Blades
The overall quality of windshield wiper blades also varies greatly because they can be made from different materials (such as rubber, silicone, and halogen-hardened) and filter down the retail chain with different manufacturing standards. Sometimes a generic brand may not measure up to what is available from your vehicle’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Your Driving Environment

If you’ve been doing most of your driving in Alberta then you know how quickly the weather can change. Adverse weather such as rain, snow, ice (and road salt) can all take a toll on your wiper blades. Dramatic temperature shifts can also cause repeated warping and stress across the contact surface.

How Much You Use Them
Just like any other piece of equipment, excessive use of your windshield wiper blades creates more wear and tear. If you are using them every day over the course of a particularly nasty winter, the general rule (six to twelve months) may need to be adjusted. Luckily, your wiper blades will usually tell you when they need to be replaced. Things to look out for include:

  • Streaks on your windshield
  • Squeaking, vibrating, or chattering sounds
  • Gaps in the wiper blade path (spots the blades are missing on your windshield)

What Should I Be Spending on Wiper Blades?

Again, windshield wiper blades vary greatly in quality, so the price will likely reflect that. You’ll probably be spending more if you go to your vehicle’s OEM rather than a generic retail brand. Silicone is generally thought to be superior to rubber, but it all depends on what you require when considering your driving environment and how much you want to spend. In the end, a more expensive wiper blade will likely last longer, likely making your investment pay off.

If you have a vehicle in need of some new windshield wipers, stop by Jack Carter Chevrolet today. Our auto parts department will help you find all the right OEM-approved products for your vehicle and lifestyle.