Do You Need Winter Tires?

Rows of car tires

Benefits of Having Winter Tires

Winter is almost here, and if you’re not ready for it yet, you should really start preparing for its arrival. One of the best ways to prepare for winter to ensure your safety on the road this year is to have winter tires, or snow tires, as some call them, put on to your vehicle before the cold weather arrives. Do you need winter tires? Is there a difference between winter tires, summer tires and all-season tires? All your questions will be answered below, and if you need more help, you can always contact an automotive service professional at Jack Carter Chevrolet Buick GMC.

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Why Should I Buy Winter Tires?

With winter approaching, it’s a good time to get your vehicle ready for the cold weather and adverse driving conditions. One of the easiest ways to get your vehicle ready for winter is to get winter tires put on to your car, pickup or SUV. Snow tires are commonly referred to as winter tires. Winter tires offer great traction on ice-covered roads and excellent stopping power, which is why they are so helpful to have on your vehicle during the winter months.

Winter tires are made from a special rubber compound and have tread designs that allow them to maintain a good grip under weather conditions. The mission of a winter tire is to give you a good grip on the road and provide you with the traction you need to drive more safely on snow and ice-covered roads. As the design of winter tires progresses, so does their ability to improve acceleration, braking and steering in cold weather.

To learn more about winter tires, please visit our service department in person or contact an automotive specialist at Jack Carter Chevrolet Buick GMC by calling our service department. We can help you find the perfect set of winter tires for your vehicle.

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